Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Push Notifications

Hello people and welcome to 2016. The year where change and all things are possible. It’s also time for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group post, hosted by Alex Cavenaugh. Hello Alex!

This month’s post: ENCOURAGEMENT (not just for writers)

The words “push notifications” have been on my mind for a while. After publishing my third book, Time Trials, a little over a month ago, someone recently asked “when is the fourth coming out?” Legitimate question, of course. But at the time, I felt like an inflatable yard art snowman and someone had just pulled the plug on the blower.

My last post was “The Birth of a Book” which for me took 2 years (long story). So, I guess when I heard “when is the fourth coming out” it was like someone asking when was I going to give birth again as I was wheeled out of the delivery room.

I envy writers who sit down and punch out book after book. A recent Facebook post by a fellow author said his New Year’s resolution was to publish 3 books (and was already 20,000 words into one). Are you kidding me?


I have my little “to do” list all made out…let me see, I have it here somewhere. Oh well, I’ll find it eventually. I felt pretty good yesterday just getting my 2016 calendar up on my bulletin board and oh yeah, paying bills that were due on the 1st.

Push. Push. Push. My thesaurus refers to words like assault, attack, thrust, charge, forcing, nudge, prod, shove.

Notification. Notification. Notification: bulletin, warning, advertisement, advisory, notice...

By now, we’re all familiar with push notifications on our phones: AMBER Alerts, Weather Alerts, flight information, ESPN updates, breaking news, etc.

Then I realized my push notifications were internal...self-imposed.

What am I going to do next? Write another novel? Bring out the children’s book I wrote 7 yrs. ago? Try a $.99 book? Try, try, try to get BookBub to accept Partly Sunny for a promo? Get professional reviews on Time Trials? Sweep the floor? Change the air filter? Re-arrange the books on my bookshelf?
Oh the pressure, the pressure, the pressure.

I felt my knees about to buckle when finally, the voice of reason in my head (where the heck have you been???) yells “stop you big baby! TURN OFF YOUR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!”

So…I did. There, much better. Once again, how many times have I had to repeat the words to myself, or rather listen to them from my inner (and much wiser) self? No one is pushing or chasing me for that matter. It’s not a race.

Who needs enemies, right?

Therefore, if you find you are your own notification pusher, put the hammer down. Deep breathe. It’ll get done. Or not. But the sun will still rise in the east and set in the west. Might as well enjoy the journey.

(Sigh) Okay, no push notifications for me. Now where’s that little “to do” list?

Cheers in 2016 to all...