Book Club Questions

Questions for Book Clubs – Terry Lee

I feel honored when my book is chosen as a book club read. So as not to have my gracious readers work too hard, I have provided questions to get your book club discussion started.

  1. Saving Gracie explores the theme of parenthood, and what it means to be a good parent. If Grace had been a boy, would Kathryn have acted different in the parent role? If so, how? Do you think a father can be as good of a parent as a mother?
  2. Kathryn, no doubt, wore the label “helicopter mom.” Were her actions justified? In what way did your perception of her change by the end of the book?
  3. Do you understand Grace’s tug-of-war feelings toward her mother? Why do you think she gave Kathryn so much control over her life? How did Adam either contribute towards these feelings, or help alleviate them?
  4. What motivations do you attribute to Kathryn’s desire to return? Do you agree with the Council’s decision? Why or why not?
  5. How do you feel Grace and Adam handled having a child with a disability? Do you think children with disabilities receive more or less attention than their siblings?
  6. Kathryn’s return home turns out far from what she expected. What do you think she could have done different to make her time back with her daughter better?
  7. Grace experiences the feeling of betrayal from Adam. Do you agree with how Adam handled the situation? Why or why not? If Adam had not gone to Beijing, do you think Grace would have become overly dependent on him or would she have eventually “found” herself?
  8. Do you agree with Grace’s attachment to Cherry? Why do you think Cherry bonded with Grace when so many others’ attempts failed? Is there anything more Grace could have done for the child? If so, what? How can our communities and school districts help provide more of a social or help network for children with hearing disabilities?
  9. Saving Gracie is filled with both dark moments and bright moments. What do you find to be the darkest moment in the book and the most uplifting?
  10. Ultimately, Saving Gracie is about the love we feel either as a parent or toward our parents. Who do you relate to most, Kathryn or Grace? Why? Have you ever felt like someone who has passed is nearby? If so, explain.
  11. Saving Gracie opens the conversation about what life might be like after we die. Have you ever given much thought to the topic? Whether you answer yes or no to the previous question, what do you think it is like?